Mobile Shredding Services Protect Your Company


Nationally recognized corporations make the headlines when their data is tampered with, costing them millions in revenue, restructuring and legal fees, not to mention the losses incurred due to fewer clients, shareholders and diminished status. Yet, their stories are just an echo of those that happen to business owners and private individuals around the country. If industry giants are vulnerable to data breaches then so are the rest of us.

Long-term housing of unnecessary data puts strain on a company’s resources and leaves them vulnerable to data leaks. Such leaks put clients at risk of identity theft and business owners in danger of a liability that can result in untold losses in assets and revenues. Mobile shredders perform onsite data destruction for companies and private individuals. They are available for one time purges as well as for routine shredding service. Securing the services of just such a professional mobile shredding service is a fiscally sound, Earth-friendly solution that safeguards the private data of customers and owners while ensuring that all data and data-bearing equipment is recycled in an environmentally appropriate manner.

Such professional mobile shredding services are performed by bonded, uniformed company representatives, equipped with photo identification. Once onsite, these experts remove the data targeted for destruction with a designated shredding truck. Upon proper conclusion of the data destruction, the data owner is presented with both a certificate ensuring the data’s complete destruction and a guarantee of proper recycling on the part of the mobile shredders.

Since mobile shredding services are performed onsite, the transparency of both the process and the result is assured. Hard copies are quickly and expertly demolished. Digital data is rendered irreversibly unreadable by crushing. While once upon a time degaussing was the industry standard forwiping a hard drive, today’s newest technologies have rendered it an insuffucient solution. Mobile shredders continue to offer 100 percent guaranteed destruction of all digital data along with the proper recycling of all equipment. You can learn all you need to know about shredding services by visiting

Professional mobile shredding services are affordable. They save individuals and corporations time and money. They can come on a scheduled basis or on demand. Whether the job entails a few monthly files or consists of the one-time expunging of decades of archives, the job will be handled expertly, with care, precision and speed. When the work is done whatever remains will be recycled in the best environmentally correct manner. A well-established, professional mobile shredder leaves testament of this at the job site, as well as a guarantee that all confidential information is forever gone, never to resurface as part of either an identity thief’s repertoire, or a litigation nightmare.

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