How To Manage Customer Calls With Greater Efficiency


The software, hardware and staff involved in running a customer-focussed business can prove to be a nightmare for managers and owners. Why not let the professionals take the strain? This will allow you to improve your business opportunities.

In-house expenses

It’s a perennial problem for a huge number of businesses how to manage customer orders, requests and queries with optimum levels of efficiency and minimum investment. Providing the bare minimum in the way of telephone customer services requires:

Dedicated software

Hardware including computers and headsets

Trained staff

Experienced managers

Factor in the possibility of round the clock rota systems, requiring additional staff and an increase in related costs and it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are realising the benefits of choosing hosted contact center solutions. A relatively new approach to customer care, the industry is growing by the day.

Why the growth in hosted solutions?

Outsourcing customer calls makes perfect sense for almost every business, from large corporations to small companies. The beauty of hosted contact center solutions is that they can be tweaked and adjusted according to need and demand, offering a completely tailored bespoke solution at off-the-peg prices.

A company’s response to customer calls can make or break the entire business, so it’s vitally important that each and every business gets it right. However, the knowledge base and skill set required in setting up and maintaining a round-the-clock customer response service can be prohibitive.

Flexible solutions go with the flow

Your business may have peak periods of customer telephone traffic, or perhaps there is a trickle of business throughout the day. With a hosted solution, your business can increase or decrease the number of responders as needed, ensuring that you always know your exact expenditure and it also always completely matches your requirements.

With an in-house solution, you only have as many calls answerable as you have available operatives. That may be all of them or none of them, causing customer and staff frustration. Loss of business, orders, customers and staff are all potential disasters waiting to happen. Alternatively, you could pay over the odds for staff and equipment that are not necessary but merely a drain on your finance resources.

Hosted solutions are run by companies with huge expertise in the field of customer response and satisfaction. Skilled and trained staff members give added value through professionalism and swift response times that reflects well on your business. Their knowledge of data monitoring provides valuable insight into areas of your business performance of particular interest in future planning.

With so many advantages to using hosted solutions, it is little wonder that the industry is experiencing such a surge of interest from a wide range of industries and services. Offering completely managed solutions along with a wealth of valuable data and interpretation, this is an area of business that looks set to continue its impressive rise.

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