Mathematics Is Fun With Abacus


Mathematical aptitude is always considered to guarantee success in life. A smart child is the one with an excellent numerical memory. A systematic approach could be followed make mathematic calculations fun and sail through the word problems efficiently and easily. Ancient Japanese method of developing the mathematical aptitude included the use of a tool called Abacus. Similar tools were popular in other parts of the world at the same time. Japan came up with the best method and Abacus tool, on which our modern day Abacus is fashioned, employed for calculating numbers with simple arithmetic system. Use of Abacus involves coordination of brain and hand movements simultaneously. The human brain is divided into two parts:

1. Left part that is responsible for making logical decisions and thinking.

2. Right part that has control over three-dimensional senses and artistic ability of a person.

In an efficient person would use both hemispheres of the brain would work together in co-ordination. It is proven after extensive research that Abacus invigorates the right hemisphere of the brain effectively and as a result generates the ability of doing general mathematical calculations effortlessly. The training method applies Brain Master Arithmetic System and offers the best programme focusing at the quality training and better understanding. In addition, Abacus offers multitude of games making the learning process more fun and interesting. Another concept applied in the Abacus classes is the Vedic Math concept. The concept is especially introduced to the smaller kids to develop their skill of mathematical numbers easily and effortlessly. Vedic math creates a strong arithmetical foundation with the use of innovative calculating methods. You are welcome to become a part of the family by opting to become an Abacus franchise. Every franchisee owner is provided online training modules to introduce him or her to the system and concepts of teaching mathematics using abacus. High quality training is imparted to all faculty members which enables

them to teach confidently and clear any doubts posed by the students. The system helps children immensely in academic field. Mathematical operations like subtraction, addition, multiplication and division all become very easy for children to understand and execute. Higher and relatively tougher concepts just as exponents, decimals and square roots all become simpler with the use of abacus. Brain Master Arithmetic System Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading organisation n India, which provides a proven, course material along with complete support, guidance, and training to its franchisee. The core team has already trained thousands of students using the unique mental mathematics technique. The team consists of veterans with vast experience in their respective fields and long association with education and training.  The abacus training method focuses towards developing the right brain of the student, which in turn helps to improve the accuracy along with the speed for doing mental mathematical calculations.

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