How Ford Engine Evolved?


With a variety of automobile manufacturing companies providing modern vehicles to the masses, it is only a few  brands that have upgraded their features and stood the test of time. One of them is the Ford. The Decade of automobile services has shaped them as the company which has manufactured almost all types of engines that can be used by a man.

Ford produced 90 horsepower engine in the early 1900s which the company used till the 2002, its engine has evolved with time and also the performance  is at par with other automobile engines. The six cylinder engine became popular in the 40s and matched the expectation of the buyers. Also called k-series, it is one of the best engine architecture of Ford till date.

One of the best of Ford Engines that came during the world war was also used in big tanks which were used in the World War II. With the V-12 engine, the 770 Horsepower was happily accepted by the consumers. Although Ford soon faced a tough competition by Chevrolet as they used similar types of engine, it was 80s that ford came up with a diesel engine. Also called as V-8 engine, the diesel engine backs up with a 2000horsepower and efficient working.

It was in the times of Henry Ford’s popular Model T and the experimental stage that Ford also managed to commercially produce Radial engines and those with 4 cylinder which offer 36 Horsepower. Although the radial engine could have been one of the engines in Ford’s popular cars, it was the V-8 which formed the working frame of popular models and therefore the radial engine never came up as a commercial success.

Even after a series of cylindrical engines, diesel engines and those having horsepower up to 2000 the Ford has always been able to set up on their own despite similar engine of Chevrolet. With successful comeback despite many German vehicles making their space in the global market today, this United States Giant has always supplied what they promised.

Not only Automobiles or cars, Ford also manufactures commercial engines used in Truck, tractor or heavy machinery. From Ford Engine repair to addition of novel Ford Parts, the buyer will get all online or at their nearest Mechanic workshop. Used engines by Ford are also available in the market for all those who wish to save money but want to get authenticated Ford parts at best prices.

Ford Engine parts definitely cost big bucks owing to the growing inflation and economic uncertainty in the east. It’s best to buy parts of the Engine to set your Vehicle rolling without much expense. Along with parts, regular service of the Ford Engines is also important. Although, the list of Ford engine parts may be too long since they have designed  aseries of engines from time to time to suit the consumer needs, the latest parts will definitely be easier to find than the older parts of your classic Ford Vehicle.

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